Whats wrong with the ego?


9 thoughts on “Whats wrong with the ego?

  1. Great post! Ego is our greatest enemy. It is our fabricated self which we use to defend ourselves from being hurt again. Feel welcome to visit my post “Are you Hungry?”


  2. Ego, money,sex, violence , pain, and Fear of Death is the domain of Matter, it can be no other way. Spirituality, Consciousness is beyond the five senses beyond matter.one understands what love is through suffering. the cause of that suffering is the Ego. one becomes conscious of Ego and rejects it as self. Finding Nothing if one finds Nothing scary one is still in the Ego , so the suffering continues. When one finds the Vast Nothing truly one feels the expanse of it and the fear disappears


  3. If we see the divine purpose and function of ego, it can be our pole star… but a little distance from “it” is required. In the divine play we call life, all the elements of the stage arise. If one requires an “enemy”, the ego can fulfill that role very well. The ego is a most effective and expedient teacher. Ego’s task is to help you explore, understand the full extent of your being by playing out every aspect of duality. When we finally tire of the highs and lows, false cheers and tears, love and hate, promises and heartbreaks, war and “peace”, polarity upon polarity, that never ending drama of grand delusion – herein lies the solution. When we’ve outgrown the use of wearing this false mask, say thank you! Thank you for revealing the truth: the non-abiding self; the essence behind the puppeted character role.

    Have you noticed? The ego remains your problem only if you’re unaware of it: the hidden enemy within. The ego attaches to your identified mind, and feeds on your thoughts, emotions, your very soul. Ego sets up paradox traps along life’s path. We keep tripping up trying to fight this and that, wage war on this concept and that ideology. The ego LOVES all this personalized attention we give it, why would it ever want to leave? The ego becomes the enemy because we give it power to become our enemy; the ego desperately needs enemies to keep the fight going… the play must go on! With just a little gap of awareness, acceptance comes.

    The solution is mindful awareness; ego drops on it’s own accord once you detach, disassociate with it. If we watch ourselves diligently every moment, the very idea of “self” disappears. Illusion and ego are inherent figments of our collective imagination. It’s been real, bye bye forever sweet and sour prince of dreams!


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