Begin at the Beginning!

Begin to Begin…

Do not fool yourself. If you are still involved in harming others, hostility, gossip, unkindness, secret motives, meanness, you are not growing spiritually.  Your body and actions are under the Law of Karma. You must examine your character. I meet so many people who say, “I am Free, I am Pure Consciousness.” And they think that they can do whatever they want. Go after whatever they want. Harm others. Be disrespectful. They are out of control. They wonder why they do not feel Joy. Bliss. Love… the Truth of their Being. A love for humanity. All these things.

Observe your actions. You must Begin to Begin. To realize Your True Nature. When one is alone, one Knows the Truth. They are constantly creating karma, and working it out. Receiving pain from their actions towards others, from their secret thoughts, actions and intentions. This is why ancient scriptures say that you must begin with The Virtues: Harm no one! “Begin at the Beginning.”


The Truth…

No matter what you do or don’t do, no matter if you’re happy or sad, no matter if you’re rich or poor…sick or healthy… you’re still going to turn into a bag of bones! This is what happens to the average person. This is what you have to look forward to, BUT…if you will only go within yourself and know the Truth about yourself, then this becomes a mirage. When you discover you have Eternal LIFE, that you have never been born and you can never die…when you discover that Bliss is your Real Nature, Bliss…you were meant to be Blissful every second of the day!

Happiness, TRUE HAPPINESS… that does not involve person, place or thing. When you understand this Truth, you become free in IT. You will ALWAYS be alive. ALWAYS! The body becomes like a bubble in the ocean. Bubbles come, bubbles go. Bodies come, bodies go. Here today, gone tomorrow.

When you’re sort of young, you don’t think about these things. You think about having fun all the time, enjoying, going out into the world, making something of yourself. When you’ve made something of yourself, you’ve made a mess of yourself by believing you’re the body. By believing you are the mind or believing you are living in reality. Whereas in truth, the only reality is the Reality you don’t know… Reality that is beyond time and space… beyond worlds and bodies, but you cannot taste this Reality that I’m speaking of unless you virtually give up your life. I don’t mean you have to kill yourself… I mean, give up the life that you’re living MENTALLY. Stop believing that the life you’re living is important… that…there’s something you have to do… something you have to accomplish. The True Life is within. The Real world is within yourself, free of all pain, sorrow…free of man’s…inhumanity to man… free of everything. There’s a world like that, you know, a Real world and full of Happiness and Joy and Peace. A world that has no beginning and no end. That world is YOU. YOU ARE THAT!…but we’re going about it the wrong way… most of us.

A true spiritual aspirant hardly has anything to say. There is no one to debate… no one to argue points of spirituality… no one to say, “I’m right” or “You’re right”…”This is right” or “This is wrong.” A true spiritual aspirant is very quiet, very still. Does not make a lot of waves, but watches, looks and does nothing. Anything that has to be done will be done through the person. It’s so easy to live a life like this. It’s so easy to be still and allow the Power that Knows the Way to move you in the right direction, to lead you. You do not have to raise a finger. There is absolutely nothing that you have to do. Why will you not trust your Self and stop fighting? Stop having a battle within yourself. Leave yourself alone… Remember I told you before, you have to learn to love yourself? If you can really love yourself you can trust yourself… go easy on yourself… develop loving kindness… compassion.

Life is never what it appears to be. Everything is maya (delusion); yet maya is also beautiful. Do not hate maya! Work with maya by not reacting to things, but enjoying its beauty and love and peace. The whole thing may be a dream but ENJOY the dream! Pick out the good things of the dream and think of them. Ignore the bad things. Learn to be Still. When I say learn to be Still, I’m not referring to meditation. Remember, when you meditate there has to be a subject and an object. That’s duality! When I say to be Still, I mean just be Still… BE STILL. Do not think of anything special. Just be Still…Be Quiet. I’m not speaking of being Still over here, alone, but in your everyday life! Think of all the noise that some of you have made this morning as you got out of bed. The talking, the arguing, the thinking, the mind chattering. This is what I’m referring to…BE STILL! You can talk to your mind this way: Tell your mind to “Be Still.” When your mind begins to chatter, say, “Be Still.” When the mind starts telling you all kinds of things about somebody else say, “Be Still!!” When the mind brings up things of the past, say “Be Still” That’s all you have to do! YOU ARE THE POWER…you can Still the mind if you really want to…just by telling it to “BE STILL.”

There is absolutely nothing in this world to be excited about. NOTHING! For everything must change. Therefore, if you become excited about something in this world, you become… disillusioned… upset. For ALL things are subject to the law of change. Rather go WITHIN. If you can really go within, you will feel a Peace which passes all understanding…Divine Joy, and this Peace and Joy will become your world. You will see it wherever you look, wherever you go. Remember, the only thing you see in this world is yourself, nothing else. Wherever you look, you see yourself. If you don’t like what you see, CHANGE YOURSELF! NOTHING wants to hurt you. NOTHING wants to cause you pain.

Every day you have to remember your Real Nature. You have to remember who you are. That you are Pure Awareness. You are the Absolute Reality which is like boundless space. The only difference between Absolute Reality and boundless space is that Absolute Reality is Consciousness. Consciousness is like boundless space. It is everywhere present and all the images are only superimposition on Consciousness. Your body is only an image. It is not the truth about you. It is an image. It is an image in boundless space. This means it doesn’t exist. It appears to exist, but it doesn’t. Just by remembering these things I’m sharing with you, will FREE you! Start your day off this way, by remembering who you are. You can say it to yourself, “I am not this body that runs around all over the world. I am not this body that has problems. I am not this body that sees things wrong. I am not this body at all. I never was this body. I Am That which has always been and That which will always be. That which has never been born, That which never dies…Eternal…Self-Sufficient. I AM THAT.”

You have so many years left on this earth, in this body, so to speak, what are you doing with them? With the days…the weeks…the months…the years? If you really run after material gain, you’re wasting your time! If you’re looking to make yourself happy physically, you’re wasting your energy. I can assure you you’ll be wonderfully happy if you will go within the Self and try to understand who you are. Then you will REALLY be happy. You will have unknown happiness that you never believed existed!

You Are The One And There’s No Other

You are the ONE that has always been and will always be. SEE yourself that way. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. The only reason you feel sorry for yourself is because you think of the past and the future. If you would only stop thinking, all of your sorrows would end, so to speak. Everything would come to a screeching halt, if you shut your mind.

So those of you who are making New Year resolutions, resolve that this year you will find Illumination. You will find total freedom this year. This year you’ll be completely free and liberated. This is the year for liberation! Some of you are making excellent progress. Going to lunch with you and talking to you, I see where you’re coming from and you’re doing very well. You’re disappearing! You’re coming into your own. Everything is unfolding as it should. Have faith in your Self… and enjoy your Self… trust your Self… love your Self… BE AT PEACE!!!

– Robert Adams


18 thoughts on “Begin at the Beginning!

  1. Nice except from Mr. Adams. I noticed a slight faux pas on his part, “The whole thing may be a dream but ENJOY the dream! Pick out the good things of the dream and think of them. Ignore the bad things.” I agree, if you are aware this “reality” is a dream-like matrix that we need to “exist” in, then we should collectively do the best we can. By all means enjoy the illusion. If you choose to mindfully engage in this construct, then don’t choose. Be choiceless, accept the good and bad because causality and duality are an inherent part of this 3-dimensional dream state. “Good” follows “bad” as surely night and day. Abide by pure witnessing is the only way to distinguish the “real”, that which is before this collective dream state. We should all learn to “see” our projected selves. Very good post.


  2. Whilst I agree, and this is a very good post, and I wish to attain this state… I can’t help but have one question: what happens to the people suffering under dictators, in violent lands etc, whilst the ‘good people do nothing but are still’? Do we sit and watch others suffer? Do we allow those who are not spiritual to continue in their violence, corruption, spoilation of our Home and Planet?
    If we sit still and require no change, won’t those who want things to change for their own greed and benefit get away with making the world a worse place? Isn’t it the province, even the duty, of those with compassion to do what they can to stop/change those without compassion and to help ease the suffering of others?

    I’d love to hear your answer on this subject and how the ‘Stillness’ corresponds with this!
    Blessings be.


    • Thanks Heidi! Of course it’s our duty to help others selflessly as much as we can. Remember everything is subject to the law of change and our body and actions are under the Law of Karma.

      We all are lovely beings and we all are one the same and there is no other. Because of Egoic thinking most of us might forget their true nature. Violence, revenge, war can never be a solution for anything. Only love, peace and harmony are the ultimate and ever lasting solution for all. Seek the solution for any problem only from your heart. It will guide you in right direction. We don’t have to change anything or anyone, but just us to accept everything as it is and live in harmony with every other being. So as our friend said below “Tap into the light and one by one, we will help each other find our way back to the Source.” 🙂

      Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace.


  3. In my humble opinion, it is much easier to be still when you live a life in solitude and your purpose is to connect with the All and send out prayers for the world. And there are many devout aspirants who dedicate their lives to this and make a positive difference in the world.
    However, for the rest of us who are living in the world with all of its imperfections trying to make a living and do our best, it is a more difficult path. What we CAN do is be kind and compassionate every day, take the high road and send out positive thoughts, be non-judgmental and forgiving with ourselves and others. And most of all, give ourselves a few moments of every day to sit in the stillness in order to connect. To know that we are an integral part of a loving Oneness, and that our actions, no matter how insignificant they seem, create a ripple effect across the entire Universe.
    I truly believe that there is a finite amount of negativity in the world and an endless amount of light. Tap into the light and one by one, we will help each other find our way back to the Source.

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  4. Excellent. Profound post. Inspirational too.
    What a blessing that the sages and Rishis passed the eternal Truths down to mankind for us to realize our true Self!
    Lets welcome the year which is Fresh and New,
    Lets Cherish each moment it beholds,
    Lets celebrate this Blissful Year 2013…..
    Wishing you a
    Happy New Year
    And a Great Year ahead !!

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