Jnana Yoga – Path of Wisdom – Part 5

Logical Method of Negation

The toy-elephant made of wood has hidden the reality WOOD when you take it for an elephant. Even so, these names and forms have concealed the Reality BRAHMAN (Absolute) behind these names and forms. Get rid of the illusion in the mind that is deep-rooted from beginning-less time. This is wood. This is not elephant. So also this is Brahman. This is not the world. This is Soul. This is not body. This is Apavada-Yukti or application of the logical method of negation. Take out the balance left that is true after throwing off the false thing, viz., elephant, wood, body, etc.

Duality is the very nature of the mind. It can never think in terms of unity. It is through mental purity and spiritual practice that it should be trained to think in terms of unity. Clay is the only reality in all the three periods of time. Pot is an unreal thing: “Vacharambhanam vikaro namadheyam mrittiketyeva satyam“. – Clay only is the reality. The modifications such as jar, pot, etc., are in speech only like ornaments (Chhandogya Upanishad).

Similarly, Brahman or Soul is the only real thing, eternal Vastu which has no beginning, no end, no change. The modifications, body, mind, sense and world are all totally false. They are in name only. See the clay in all earthenware vessels. See Soul in all objects (Vision of Soul).

The cows are different. They differ in color and various other particulars. But, milk is the same. Man minus customs, manners, mode of dress and eating, is the same throughout the world. His passions and feelings are the same throughout the world. The languages are different in various districts and climes, but the idea behind all languages is the same. This is oneness behind variety, duality and multiplicity. There is one essence in sleep. All feel alike. Similarly, there is one homogeneous substance behind the objects. That is Soul. That is Brahman. That is your real Self.

There is a coconut made of sugar only. It has got marks, lines, external shell, ridges, eyes and everything. But, you have got internal feeling in the mind that it is only sugar. Similarly, even though you see the different objects of the universe, you must have a feeling and determination of the Soul that is at the bottom of all these objects, which is the ultimate reality and essence of everything.

Why do you look into the leaves, twigs, flowers, fruits of the mango tree? Look into the source, the seed. The cloth is only cotton and thread. Take the cloth as cotton only. Even so, take the world as Soul or Brahman. When you see any person or object, think and feel that he or it is Soul or God. By incessant practice, the name and form will vanish. Soul or God will shine. The world-idea will vanish. It takes a long time. It demands strenuous efforts. You will see and feel Soul or God everywhere. During the course of the practice, your old impressions will trouble you. They are your real enemies. Fight against them boldly. This is the practice of unclouded Jnana. You will have unclouded vision of Soul. You will transmute all objects into Soul. Think and feel that all actions are worship of Soul. Idea of inferiority and idea of menial service will disappear as you see God or Soul everywhere.


Mind – Its Mysteries and Control by Sri Swami Sivananda

Author: Ganesh

A soul in the search of eternal peace... "Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace"

8 thoughts on “Jnana Yoga – Path of Wisdom – Part 5”

  1. I sue different words, but same meanings as has been related in this blog post. “Form” is how an object appears or behaves to my senses; human sense are evolved to deal with forms. The “essence” of an object is the word I equate to “Brahman”, the pattern or “will to action” that exists as a foundation stone behind the form.


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