Live in Harmony…

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays… 🙂

The Calm Monkey

I’d like to share a beautiful video with you all.  At this time of year, I find Christmas, or whatever belief system you may have, is about a feeling.  This feeling is common amongst all beliefs, and it is one of love and peace.

Dan Benor, of Wholistic Healing Research, collected some of the best images and thoughts into this lovely piece.  Please notice the feeling of expansion and joy as you watch this. It reminds me that we are connected to something so big and meaningful, and that our daily problems are actually so minute. It gives perspective for life.

Give yourself this time to watch.

Warm wishes to you and your loved ones at this time,


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Truth is Simple, just Remember!


The depth of wisdom contained within the ancient science of Vaastu addresses the heart of the human experience: How do we live in harmony with our deepest Selves and express this harmony in the outer world? It is both deeply personal and profoundly universal. This knowledge is a journey into the heart of the Universal One and also satisfies even the most discerning logical mind. Truth is simple, needs no further explanation, and is never discovered, only remembered. It is time that each of us remembers the timeless path of Vaastu. There is nothing to lose but confusion.

~ Ivri Krzyz, Certified Vaastu Consultant, graduate of The American University of Mayonic Science and Technology