What I Learn from a Leaf?

A very touching and inspiring video to watch and of-course a lot to learn… 🙂

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

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Published on Dec 3, 2012

When I first came across Thich Nhat Hanh’s writings on “Learning from leaves” I just knew that I needed to create a video to it with others. As I read his communion with this little autumn leaf I began to see the similarites in the cycle of life in nature and humanity.

When we were smaller and younger we play the role of a child to our parents and as we grow older so do our parents, and that’s when we sometimes play the role of a mother to our parents who may need our nurturing and care in their old age. And what I admire most about the little leaf as it was dying was its celebration of life, it was ready and happy to be of service yet…

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Beyond the senses…



Evolving our consciousness is not something we do only for ourselves – it is something we also do for others…for all others, and for the earth. Because we open up and let our body and mind feel the ties with others and with nature, we change ourselves, and change others around us. When a sufficient number of people pray or meditate together, or find another path to evolve their consciousness, other people are affected as well. More sick people heal, divorce and suicide rates drop, crime and violence diminish. When many people open up, a powerful force develops – a leap of consciousness takes place…

~ Ervin László