All is One?


The separation between individuals is an illusion created by time. Space-time is a four-dimensional fluid that is “polarized” in one dimension so that causality and entropy occur.

All waves travel at the speed of light through space-time. Matter waves travel through the time dimension, and can also travel through space dimensions, experiencing time dilation to remain at light speed. Light waves and gravity waves are restricted to traveling through space, which is the three-dimensional surface of space-time.

Each moment is a focal point of the Universe, a standing wave pattern created at the intersection of all the matter, light, and gravity waves at that position in space-time. Individual beings are fractal extensions of their environments, each one created by a different section of the universe, unique and appearing separate.

The separation is an illusion, all moments and beings are interacting with each other and arise from the same underlying Cosmic order. We are all parts of the same being, experiencing and creating ourselves, continually changing, dissolving and emerging in time.


Author: Ganesh

A soul in the search of eternal peace... "Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace"

8 thoughts on “All is One?”

  1. I saw the movie, Cloud Atlas, today. It demonstrates how the essence of one soul travels through time in different life experiences and that we recognize the eyes/voice of the souls that we have traveled with before. Then, take it one step further–that we are all expressions of ONE LIVING DIVINE FIRE—sparks of the One—each of us unique yet connected……so beautiful is LIFE…rest in the PEACE of that connection and the love of I AM…. There is nothing to do–just allow the ESSENCE to shine forth….


    1. Yes, it is! Cosmic Space is the source of universe. It’s filled with vibrating subatomic particles (aka Soul or Spirit or God Particle). These particles have the characteristics of very high frequency light and sound (aka OM Light and OM Sound). You can see the video “The Source” to understand better.


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