All is One?



The separation between individuals is an illusion created by time. Space-time is a four-dimensional fluid that is “polarized” in one dimension so that causality and entropy occur.

All waves travel at the speed of light through space-time. Matter waves travel through the time dimension, and can also travel through space dimensions, experiencing time dilation to remain at light speed. Light waves and gravity waves are restricted to traveling through space, which is the three-dimensional surface of space-time.

Each moment is a focal point of the Universe, a standing wave pattern created at the intersection of all the matter, light, and gravity waves at that position in space-time. Individual beings are fractal extensions of their environments, each one created by a different section of the universe, unique and appearing separate.

The separation is an illusion, all moments and beings are interacting with each other and arise from the same underlying Cosmic order. We are all parts of the same being, experiencing and creating ourselves, continually changing, dissolving and emerging in time.



The Code of Life…

This is an excellent video to understand what we learned about Sacred Geometry, Patterns, concept of Nadis and Chakras and Kundalini energy. It’s an excellent blend of science, spirituality and religion. 🙂