Be a Buddha!



Only those who feel compassion for others, who care for the Spirit, who care for dharma, make themselves ready to enter into Consciousness. They are going to be awakened because they have consideration for fellow beings, because they are loving, because their aim of life is different. They are living human beings. They are dharmic—living by spiritual laws—and that will save them. They have peace and that leads to Consciousness. Without dharma, without real righteousness, I don’t think we can achieve true peace. The opposite of righteousness is willfulness, individualism, wrongly called “independence” and “freedom.” This is all a perversion and therefore, in this modern age, the results speak for themselves.

Dharma teaches you to be compassionate. Apply this to yourself, your family, your neighbors, your countrymen, anywhere. It will change the world. If not, we are inviting disasters, not only on the national or global scale, but as individuals—those whose hearts are cold and brains are hot (losing their tempers). We need the reverse: warm hearts and cool brains. Dharma sobers our minds. Whatever activity or work you are doing, in order to avoid agitation, do one thing at a time, not losing sight of love of your fellow beings. You may accomplish less but the world is not going to end thereby. It is only when you lose compassion that the world is heading to disaster with wars and bombs and tragedies. Compassion saves the world. It makes you a Buddha, Awakened.



Enlightenment is being nothing…


You will have to learn ways of relaxing in the present. Enlightenment is not an effort to achieve something. It is a state of effortlessness. It is a state of no-action. It is a state of tremendous passivity, receptivity. You are not doing anything, you are not thinking anything, you are not planning for anything, you are not doing yoga exercises, and you are not doing any technique, any method — you are simply existing, just existing. And in that very moment… the sudden realization that all is as it should be. That’s what enlightenment is!

~ Osho