A Spiritual Dream…?

Today I had an amazing and wonderful dream or vision of making a movie or feature film on Self Awareness. The reason behind making movie was, it has wider and greater reach across the world and reach the masses without any barriers. Most of our modern generation starting from a kid to elderly person is grown by watching movies. We do learn from movies and more often we believe what we see in the movie is true as our mind is attached to it while we are watching and we become a character in the movie.

I haven’t seen any movie on global awareness and Self-awareness to my knowledge other than few documentaries or YouTube videos or personal videos. Most of the modern-day movies are mind-to-mind, i.e. director’s mind to audience mind. Mission of present day movies are to amaze the mind, mint the money and entertain the people. It is also one of the reason why people are more attached to mind, money and luxury. They are deluded by illusion that money is everything, need for power and status in the society driven by their self-protective nature of mind or ego.

I would love to break this delusion of mind and make a movie which speaks from heart-to-heart or soul-to-soul. Remember it’s not romantic movie on emotional love but on eternal lover or oneness, eternal peace and harmony. Let the minds watch who we are, what is our true Self, why are we here, what is our purpose of our life and awaken to Soul to know it Self.

It would be movie by us, to us and for us. It would be for every one to watch for ever whenever they want to remember their true Self. No money would be involved in it from production, to direction to distribution to Movie Theater to movie tickets. Everything would free of cost or free of money and mind but full of heart, soul and love. The movie cast would be across the world. All the nations would be involved; all the religious heads will be involved; all the scientists would be involved; all enlightened spiritual persons would be involved; it would be released across the nations in all languages. It would be the ideal combination for bringing the best of reality, innovation and imagination to the screen and making it understandable for every human being. It would be a pleasant journey of taking humanity towards higher consciousness.  It would be an ultimate union of hearts, union of lights, and union of consciousness to reestablish the one ultimate truth. It’s not magnum opus movie, it’s not an ultimate experience, it’s just a simple truth. 🙂

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A soul in the search of eternal peace... "Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace"

15 thoughts on “A Spiritual Dream…?”

  1. This is to amazing… I had a dream of remembering who I am…new ways to see so much information I have been “taught” in my life. To bring it to the world last night also


      1. If you would remove your thoughts/comments from what you have written, leaving essentially what you dreamt, I will give you an interpretation of your dream (as much as is possible). Also it would help if you tell me your feelings during and immediately after the dream.


        1. It’s kind of lucid dream to express my Self. I don’t remember much feeling other than good will. You are welcome to share your interpretation, it would be interesting to know. You can email me or add the interpretation here. I can append it to the post instead of comments section. 🙂


      1. Many are awakening and those who are sometimes awake are becoming more conscious. I find that my life is changing and I can only be happy in harmony and peace with others–if a situation is disharmonious, I will be apt to just walk away. There is no glamour in the dark, no appeal to see violence and discord as entertainment, no need to be envious or jealous–just a compelling desire to be in harmony and create peace, higher consciousness, and flow my energy into the light, into remembering who we are…


  2. Awesome… Make it happen as it is to be! The change within reflects outward and indeed changes the world for a better place. It is true that movies are a prime source of educating our youth and our world. Thank you and the best of wishes for success in your venture.


  3. It would be good to have such a movie existing since it is a fast way to learn about concepts of awareness that written words are slower to convey.


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