Who is Sthapati?

By Dr. Jessie Mercay
posted by Ganesh

In order to execute all the aspects of Vaastu technology, a specially trained individual (Sthapati) must be at the helm of any Vaastu consultation or project. It is easy to observe that a few workshops or even a month or six months training is profoundly insufficient to properly supervise a Vaastu consultation.

It takes years of training in terms of theory and years of practice under the supervision of an established Sthapati. A Sthapati must be a designer; builder (sculptor) trained in a number of the arts, sciences (including physics, earth science, etc.) and must have knowledge of engineering.

Anyone who undertakes Vaastu consulting or claims to be a Vaastu consultant or architect without proper training is guilty of malpractice. It is only a Sthapati or his or her appointed colleagues or disciples who are qualified to work in the area of Sthapatya Veda or Vaastu Shastras. The following text describes what a Sthapati is in the words of some of the great Vaastu Shastras and other ancient texts. It is taken from
Quintessence of Sthapatya Veda by Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati.

Hence a Sthapati must be a master of a broad field of knowledge. He or she must be an expert in the knowledge contained in Vaastu Shastras.


Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay. Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, aumscience.com/wordpress. For any questions please visit http://www.aumscience.com.