Obstacles in Meditation – Part 2

Tossing of mind

Scents, soft beds, novel-reading, dramas, theaters  cinemas, vulgar music, dancing, flowers, lust, Rajasic diet – —all these excite passions and cause disturbance of the mind. Too much salt, too much spice, too much sweets cause intense thirst and disturb meditation. Too much talking, too much walking and too much mixing disturb the mind in meditation.

Impulses disturb meditation. All obscure subconscious impulses should be controlled by the intellect and will. Sex-impulse and ambition are two real disturbing factors in meditation. They carry on guerrilla warfare. They attack the aspirants again and again. They appear to be thinned out for some time. They get revived often. They should be extirpated by great efforts, Self-Inquiry, Viveka (power of discrimination between Self and non-Self) and wise thoughts.

It is the sound that sets the mind in motion. It is the sound that makes the mind to think. Sound disturbs the mind a great deal in meditation. A sound with meaning disturbs more than a sound without meaning. A continuous sound as the silent murmur of a river is not so disturbing as an abrupt, sudden, sharp, broken sound. The mind does not feel a sound when it is used to it. You feel only when the clock stops.

State of Quiescence

State of Quiescence is a quiet state of the mind wherein there is neither attraction nor repulsion for objects for a short time. It occurs in the wake state. It is a neutral state of the mind. It is an obstacle to meditation. It should be avoided. It is mistaken by ignorant aspirants for Samadhi.


Very often, depression comes in meditation in neophytes owing to previous Impressions, influence of astral entities, evil spirits, bad company, cloudy days, bad stomach owing to indigestion and loaded bowels in constipation. It must be removed quickly by cheerful thoughts, a brisk walk, singing, laughing, prayer, Pranayama, etc


Kashaya means coloring. Like, Dislike and Attachment are the Kashaya or coloring of the mind. Kashaya is the subtle influence in the mind produced by enjoyment and left there to fructify in time to come and distract the mind from Samadhi. This is a serious obstacle to meditation. It does not allow the aspirant to enter into Samadhi. It induces the subtle memory of pleasures enjoyed. It is hidden subtle desire. From the Impression, subtle desire originates. Impression is the cause and subtle desire is the effect. It is a kind of impurity of mind. Constant Self-Inquiry coupled with developing non-dual unity or consciousness is the only potent remedy to eradicate this dire Kashaya.

Sattvic Thoughts

During meditation, when your mind is more Sattvic (Pure), you will be inspired. The mind will be composing fine poems and solving some problems of life. Stamp out these Sattvic thought waves also. This is all dissipation of mental energy. Soar higher and higher to Soul only.

Savikalpa Samadhi

Savikalpa Samadhi means absorption in Soul where the consciousness of duality and multiplicity still remains. Even the happiness of Savikalpa Samadhi is an obstacle, because it prevents you from entering into the thoughtless state. It produces false contentment and you stop your further practice. The mind should be freed from all these obstacles. Then only will you enter into pure non-dual thoughtless state. Self-Inquiry and developing non-dual unity or consciousness are the only helps to attain this highest state.


Mind – Its Mysteries and Control by Sri Swami Sivananda


Happy Deepavali!


Wishing you all a Happy Diwali! The Festival of Lights celebrates the triumph of good over evil, of Light over Darkness and so may the year ahead be flooded with light for All! 🙂