Open your doors…

There are two doors in the heart, an entrance and an exit. If you have only the exit open, and not the entrance, it simply means that you are willing to give love, but too afraid to receive it. Fear is the lock that has been placed on this door by your mind.

If you have the entrance open, but have closed the exit, it means that you are fully accepting of receiving love, but not willing to give it. Mainly fear, but also ignorance, are the locks that have been placed on this door by your mind.

Now imagine for a moment that you were somehow able to open both of these locks. Meaning you were willing and able to both give and receive love. What would happen? What would change?

The divine flux, as I call it, would be initiated. Energy would no longer accumulate in the mind, would no longer get channeled only into the ego, nor would it leave you feeling empty and cold after you’ve given it all away. Instead, it would flow freely through you, animating you, supplying you with endless love, and endless compassion; as well as endless strength, and endless wisdom. What you give would be returned to you ten-fold, so long as you are willing and able to receive it, and thus a beautiful cycle would begin. This flux can save your life. It can open you to the love that exists and flows all around you. In the air, in the water; in the earth, and in the light. Even in the hearts of those who have hurt you. It can empower you to reach out to others, and to teach them how to heal themselves; to share with them your knowledge of the divine flux, and how to initiate it.

Just remember, if the mind can place these locks on the heart, then it can also remove them. Your mind preserves all the keys to your soul, just in case it decides to change.


Author: Ganesh

A soul in the search of eternal peace... "Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace"

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