Dr. Sthapati’s Birthday!

Remembering and respecting the great works of Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati on this day. We all are thankful for his great service to our humanity. Below is the tribute from his true and beloved student Dr.Jessie J Mercay.

Today is the birthday of my late teacher Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati. He was one of the most amazing people I have ever met. A true Brahmarishi. He was born on September 30, 1927 at Pilliaypatti, near Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, India into an illustrious family of traditional architects, engineers and builders (Sthapati’s). His family lineage was thousands of years old and it is known that his ancestor built the Tanjore temple. An amazing structure. He himself built hundreds of traditional stone buildings including the 133 ft high statue that stands at the tip of India in the ocean.

His strict adherence to the pure principles of Vaastu Shastras was an inspiration. He propagated the deep science behind Vaastu (the science of transformation of matter into energy) and hence took it out of the realm of superstition. Once one understands the real science then one sees that it is not possible to make a regular house into a Vaastu house and that there are no yantras, mirrors, bells, colors, pictures, or any other objects that can correct the Vaastu energy of a non compliant house. Dr. Sthapati, affectionately called Ayya, was distraught at all of the fake Vaastu consultants around the world. He was also concerned with the many architects who claim to be building Vaastu or Sthapatya Veda houses but were not following the Shastric guidelines. When he appointed me to start a school and teach this knowledge, he passed that concern down to me. I feel his urge for the proper propagation of this knowledge even more today – on his birthday. It is an ever-present motivation but today I feel him urging me on more than ever. I hope that all of you can at least take a weekend class from me and learn the real background of this knowledge is far more than brick and mortar.

I will do what is called Tharpanam ritual today to honor him and to pray for his continued blessings and assistance from where his soul lives. I will also pray for his well-being. This is traditionally done for ancestors and I feel he is a relative so I will do it. He himself wrote a genealogy in which he place my name under his indicating that he holds me as his sister. I will make another post on Tharpanam so you may also do such a thing for your ancestors if you are interested. It is a sweet and simple ritual of love.

– By Dr. Jessie Mercay on http://aumscience.com/wordpress/

Author: Ganesh

A soul in the search of eternal peace... "Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace"

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