Mastery of Mind, The Only Gateway…

On this side is matter; on the other side is pure Spirit ( Soul or Atman or Brahman). Mind forms a bridge between the two. Cross the bridge (control the mind). You will attain Soul.

He is a real potentate and an Emperor who has conquered the mind. He is the richest man who has conquered desires, passions and the mind. If the mind is under control, it matters little whether you stay in a palace or a cave in the Himalayas whether you do active things or sit in silence.

It is, indeed, a rare thing to find a mind that is not affected by its contact with fluctuation. Like heat which is inseparable from fire, fluctuation which debases the mind, is inseparable from it. Devoid of this fluctuation, the mind ceases to exist. It is this fluctuation-potency of the mind that you should destroy through ceaseless Soul-Knowledge inquiry. Mind is the cause of duality and delusion. Therefore, you must control the mind. You must bind it.

True freedom results from the disentanglement of the mind. Reflection of the Self made upon the mind cannot be perceptible when the mind is not free from its fluctuations, as the reflection of the moon made upon the surface of a turbulent ocean cannot be visible or perceptible. To attain Self-realization, one must constantly struggle with the mind for its purification and steadiness. It is only the power of the will which can control it and stop its fluctuations. With the triple weapon of strong desire, faith and strong will-power, you can have sanguine success in any attempt you undertake. If the mind is purged of all its impurities and worldly taints, it will become exceedingly calm. All fluctuations of the mind will cease. Then the supreme meditation will supervene. Then all worldly delusion, attendant with its births and deaths, will come to an end. Then you will get supreme abode of peace.

There is no other vessel on this earth on which one can cross the ocean of metempsychosis than the mastery of the antagonistic mind. They alone will reach the world of Moksha (Liberation) who have controlled the serpent of mind replete with desires and impure subtle desires.

To lovers of Moksha, in whom the invincible desires have been destroyed and who try to win their way up to Salvation through their own efforts, the easy abandonment of their dire mind is itself their transcendental path and they then feel as if a great load were off their heads. No other path is truly beneficial.

If you get the mastery over the mind and get true Knowledge or illumination after destroying Egoism and subjugating the sense organs, you will be doubtless free from the trammels of births and deaths. The differentiations such as ‘I,’ ‘you,’ ‘he’ or ‘she’ will vanish. All tribulations, annoyances, miseries, grief will cease with the destruction of the mind.


Mind – Its Mysteries and Control by Sri Swami Sivananda

Author: Ganesh

A soul in the search of eternal peace... "Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace"

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