Sensual Satisfaction vs Spirituality

Recently we had an interesting question about Lust and Spirituality. I am sharing the response for the same with you all…

To begin with, we are just a Soul, neither the mind nor the body. Nature of our true Self is Purity, Consciousness and Ecstasy. We are infinite potential energy without any limits. All the limits, pain and pleasure are only in our mind. All the finite things can never satisfy the Infinite within us, that the changing and perishable cannot satisfy the changeless and eternal nature of ours.

The one thing common between Self Quest (Spirituality) and Lust is that both are intense. Spirituality is the intense quest to know our true Self, whereas Lust is the most intense passion followed by anger, greed, delusion, pride and jealousy. The mind is the cause of attachment to delusive objects. It is the mind which is the germ of all Karma’s (past actions). It daily agitates this body of ours to work and secure for its enjoyment various pleasurable objects. The mind always wants to be doing something and, when it attached itself with the objects it cherishes, feels amused and happy. A play at cards has nothing in it; but, the attachment and attention produce pleasure.

Really, there is no pleasure in objects. Soul gives a push to the mind and sets it in motion. A thought-wave arises in the mind on account of the force of a subtle desire. The mind is agitated and runs towards the particular object. The agitation will not subside till the mind gets the desired object. It will constantly think of the object. It will scheme and plan various methods to achieve the desired object. It will be ever restless. It will be ever assuming the shape of the object.

As soon as the object is obtained and enjoyed, the particular thought-wave that was causing agitation in the mind gets dissolved. When thoughts are dissolved, you get peace and bliss from the Soul within only and not from the object outside. Ignorant persons attribute their pleasures to external objects. That is a serious blunder, indeed.

No true, lasting satisfaction comes from the enjoyment of worldly objects. Yet, people rush headlong towards objects even when they know that the objects are unreal and the world is full of miseries. That is Maya (Delusion). When the mind rests on Soul, then only eternal satisfaction will come; because, Soul is complete, you get everything there. It is self-contained. All desires are gratified by realization of Soul.

Soul has no pleasure and pain. Soul is genderless. Freedom from the body and mind is the real nature of the Soul and, consequently, there being no possibility of virtue and vice, very much less is the chance for any effects of these on the Soul, hence, pleasure and pain do not touch Soul. Soul is unattached. It is Witnesser of the two modifications, pleasure and pain that arise in the mind. Mind enjoys. Mind suffers. Soul is a silent witness. It has nothing to do with pleasure and pain.

It is difficult to divert the mind which, from infancy, has fallen into the pernicious habit of seeking external pleasure and it shall ever persist in doing so, unless you give it something superior to be amused with, a greater form of pleasure to delight in. Intellectual pleasure is far superior to sensual pleasure. Joy from meditation is far superior to intellectual pleasure. Spiritual bliss from Self-realization is infinite, immeasurable and unbounded!!! 🙂


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