It’s in the Water

Very interesting video on Water!

The Wisdom Of Life

Every now and then something comes along to interrupt the polite illusory fiction we like to tell ourselves about how deep our understanding of reality is. This video is just one of those shattering reminders.


*Note* The information in the video is not widely accepted in scientific circles.

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10 thoughts on “It’s in the Water

  1. My guess is that it is probably more than just water. Iron processed through plant life has different properties than iron stripped from the ground directly. For instance; you can’t solve iron deficiency by sucking on a crowbar. Elements need to have certain properties to fit in the context of our relational dependencies. There are several types of carbon isotopes which may need to be present in the correct ratio as well. (Carbon 12 and 13) I think it is a matter of elements being much more complex than we thought. Since we are conscious and we are little chunks of reality, then…. perhaps we should not be surprised by this. Amazing nonetheless.


  2. Well said friend! It’s not just about water, its more than that! Its about every subatomic particle in the universe. From what I am learning is that space is filled with subatomic particles or soul or energy which is in unmanifest form or formless or pure or consciousness or truth or bliss. When energy turns into matter, like air, fire, water and earth it takes the form and acquires specific properties. The beauty of nature is it uniqueness when it forms and follows the pattern across. Really amazing to know more and more… 🙂


  3. In 1986 Masaru Emoto did experiments on water as well. He projected certain sentiments into the water and photographed the ice crystals that formed. He wrote the books “Messages from Water”, “The Hidden Messages in Water”, and “The True Power of Water.” Here is a link to a video showing the effects: This next video shows what happens in other environments. This may also tell us things such as how treating public supplies with caustic life killing chemicals can also leave a “residue” even if the chemicals have been removed, and what we can do about it. Enjoy!


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