Be your Self!

“Know your Self, Express your Self, Be your Self”

 Know your Self…

Knowing your Self is Knowledge. When you try to know your Self you will improve Reasoning (Intellect), gain Knowledge, develop Intelligence and acquire Wisdom. All your questions on life, creation and existence will be answered by your Self in this journey.

Express your Self…

Expressing your Self is Creativity. While knowing your Self, you express your Self, your Thoughts in Words (quotes, poems, songs, speech, …), Arts (drawing, painting, music, dance,…), Discoveries (inventions, theories, philosophies,…), Expressions (love, compassion, humility,…), Actions (helping others, serving others, transforming humanity,…)

Be your Self…

Being your Self is Self Realization. When you are trying consistently to know your Self you are stepping towards being your Self! Once you completely know your Self or your Source, you will become one with your Self or Soul or Spirit or GOD or Creator or Source or Space!!! 🙂

Author: Ganesh

A soul in the search of eternal peace... "Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace"

11 thoughts on “Be your Self!”

  1. Great post, I identify with this. I wonder if the stages in this process of becoming is: Know yourself (knowledge) becomes Be yourself (becoming) becomes Express yourself (the ripples from the stone that was cast in the Be yourself stage).


    1. Thanks Alex! I do understand your school of thought. Here is the thought process behind this…
      While we are knowing something or influenced by something we try to express our Self, our thoughts in different ways which most of do occasionally. Next level is thoughtless state or completely realized state. From spiritual school of thought, Self realization or Liberation or Oneness with Universe is considered as final state of realization.


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