Like-Dislike and Karma

Like-Dislike in the mind is the real Karma. It is the original action. When the mind is set in motion or vibration through the currents of Like-Dislike, real Karma’s begin. Real Karma originates from Impressions of the mind. It is the actions of the mind that are truly termed Karma’s. External actions manifest later on. It is desire that sets the mind in motion. When there is a desire, Like and Dislike exist side by side in the mind. Desire is a motive force. Emotions and impulses co-exist with desire.

From Ignorance emanates non-discrimination. From it originates Ego and Perception. From Perception emanates Like-Dislike. From Like-Dislike comes Karma. From Karma comes the body. From body comes misery. This is the chain of bondage with seven links. This is the chain of misery. If you do not want misery, do not take up the body. If you do not want body, do not do Karma. If you do not want to do Karma, give up Like-Dislike. If you want to give up Like-Dislike, give up Perception. If you want to give up Perception, give up non-discrimination. If you want to give up non-discrimination, give up ignorance. O God! If you do not want ignorance, get Supreme Knowledge.

This world process is kept up by the six-spoked wheel, viz., Like, Dislike, merit, demerit, pleasure and pain. If the root cause, the original ignorance, is destroyed by attainment of Knowledge of Supreme Soul, the whole chain of Perception, Like, Dislike, Karma, body, merit and demerit, pleasure and pain will vanish. One link hangs upon another. All the links will be broken totally on the advent of Knowledge. Sruti says: “Liberation comes from knowledge of Supreme.”

Absence of Like-Dislike = Freedom

That Yogi or Wise person who has destroyed these two though waves of Like and Dislike is the highest man in the three worlds. He is the real King of kings, Emperor of emperors. The chief Linga or distinguishing mark of a liberated soul is freedom from Like-Dislike. Even if a Yogi sometimes exhibits traces of anger, it is a mere appearance. Just as the impression made in water with a stick passes away soon, as also the anger will disappear in the twinkling of an eye, even though it manifests. This can hardly be understood by worldly people.

He who has no Like but possesses power of endurance can do anything. He can move about wherever he likes. He is as free as the atmospheric air. His happiness, freedom and peace are unbounded. Their extent can hardly be imagined. The freedom and joy of such Yogis is beyond the common man’s imagination. It is Like and luxury that have enfeebled the householders.

Essence of Spiritual Practice

Amongst the several waves in the mind, Like-Dislike and Attraction are very deep-rooted. They demand strenuous and persistent efforts for their eradication. In your mental lives, you can either keep hold of the rudder and so determine exactly what course you take, what points you touch or you can fail to do this and, failing, you drift and are blown hither and thither by every passing breeze, by every emotion, by petty Like-Dislike currents.

The gist or essence of spiritual practice is to remove the true modifications of the mind, Like-Dislike, by right thinking and meditation. Go beyond the pairs of opposites. You will get eternal, infinite bliss and peace. You will shine in Supreme glory. You will become Supreme Soul. YOU ARE SUPREME SOUL!


Mind – Its Mysteries and Control by Sri Swami Sivananda

Author: Ganesh

A soul in the search of eternal peace... "Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace"

7 thoughts on “Like-Dislike and Karma”

  1. It’s very interesting, how infuriated people can become, if you don’t “commit” to a like-dislike stance. Something in them seems to need everyone to be in a place of duality, to take sides, to either be with them or against them. Whoever seeks to abolish like-dislike may do well to prepare to be suspect in the eyes of many.


    1. Completely agree with you dear friend! It’s not practical for common man to live like this in present world. Only great Yogis, Sages and Saints can live in the perfect way. We can just try to know and understand them, apply them in our life with common sense whenever possible for betterment of our life. 🙂


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