What is ‘Time’?

By Dr. Jessie Mercay
posted by Ganesh

We think of Time as having to do with minutes ticking by on a clock. With this definition in mind, Mayan’s writings can at first be confusing unless a deeper understanding of the word “Time” is discovered. Mamuni Mayan refers to Absolute Time as Kaalam or Kala. He says that it is Time that creates, maintains and destroys. As I investigated this word, I asked many Indians what they took the word Kala or Kaalam to mean. Without hesitation, they all answered, “Time.”

Mayan also defines Time as the vibration of Cosmic Space or the pulse/frequency exerted by the vibration of Space – consciousness – luminosity. It is through individuated time pulse or time units that – defined by their beat, that all individuated objects get their qualities. He says that the dimensions of any building are units of time. The Tamil word for Time is Kaalam.

Knowing the deep significance of every word used by Mamuni Mayan, I felt compelled to dig further into the meaning of Kaalam. Many dictionaries reported that the meaning was “time.” One dictionary, the Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon gave a deeper and much more significant meaning to the word kaala: 1. to mix, unite, join; to commingle, combine; to be absorbed, 2. a process. Elsewhere, I found the meaning to be “to flow as one”.

I find this to be very revealing in light of what Mamuni Mayan says and what is written in Fabric of the Universe based upon his writings. It is written that the 8 gunas/elements grow from one another as a result of Time. Time is described as a pulse of movement in Absolute Space. As a result of that movement or pulse, OM Light arises. As Time and OM light commingle and flow together within Space, OM Sound arises. Space, Time, OM light, OM sound commingle and “flow together” forming Air; then all of those co mingle forming fire and so on.

Time or Kaalam / Kaala as a process

When Mayan uses the word Time or Kaalam, what he really meant is that Time is a process in which Absolute Space commingles with itself and creates OM light, which commingles with space and manifests OM sound, etc. And all of those individual elements mix, unite and flow together ultimately manifesting as the material world. Here we are given a deeper insight into Mayans meaning of Time or Kaalam. When we see “Time” written what is really implied is that it is a cosmic process that has the elements of mixing, uniting and flowing as one. It is this mixing, uniting and flowing as one that is the creator, maintainer and destroyer of all things. Thus, the notion of Time becomes a concrete scientific term that describes a scientific process fundamental to Vastu Science, the science of manifestation.

Dr V. Ganapati Sthapati provides another view of Time that deepens ones understanding even more”

“The vibration of this OM light is called Time or Kaalam. The vibration of the primal OM light is the dance of Lord Shiva and that of sound is Uma. Hence ‘Omkara’ Natana. Uma is ‘word’ (vaak) and Shiva is ‘meaning’ (artha). So, Mayan says that Kaalam is the creative element of all the objects of the universe and adds that the universe itself is the product of Time. “Time is the creative source of all objects. It is time that changes into form. It is time that blossoms into the universe and Kaalam thus does wonders”-Mayan. Therefore, Kaalam itself is designated as Kaala Brahman (Time God). Kaalam, in simple words is the speed or vibration of energy or light. The summum-bonum of these discussions is that vibration causes all phenomena. This concept is extended to poetry, music and dance where Kaalam is redesignated as Taalam, maatra or kaalam, the ruling element of all forms of poetry, music and also dance. What would be unique and astonishing is that the same Taala measure is extended to create visual material forms (time-space) of which one is the building whether it is a temple or house.  Sculptural representations are also born of this scientific theory of rhythm (Taala) and therefore they are divine and worship worthy.”


Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay. Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, aumscience.com/wordpress. For any questions please visit http://www.aumscience.com.

Author: Ganesh

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