Be The Change!

Do we want to Change the things around us! Change the people for better humanity, Change the world as heaven? Okay, then why don’t we start from our self. It’s very easy for our mind to think big and find fault on others as the reason for failure which we used to more often. If we start finding fault and criticize each Other, People, Media, Education, Economy, Politics, Government, Nation,.. which would be a never-ending blame game which ultimately result in spread of hatred (negative energy) among us but nothing else. Remember all the changes we are discussing now are nothing outside us, but its in us. It’s not just others have to change but the change begins from us. We make them and they are made of us. So if we want to change them, then we have to change!

Not just the things around us, personally we wish to change or develop our self as a perfect being with healthy body, strong mind, powerful will and an inspiring personality. But we rarely set the goals and think consistently about it to achieve it. Even if we set higher goals for our life and later we let it go as it is without taking proper efforts. We do get influenced by others and things around us easily as stronger the influences weaker, finally end up saying because of this I was not able to achieve my goal.

So how do we change our self and others for better humanity? First think clearly what we want to change and set an achievable goal. Think consistently on the change we wish to make and be the change we want to see. Try to overcome difficulties in this process. Don’t get influenced by negative thoughts. Try to change the negative to positive and always think positive and be positive. If we are stuck up in one way try the other way. Choose the way which suits us the best, not just what others follow. If we don’t find any way, create a new way to achieve it. Don’t be shy to try new things or express our Self. Never ever give up, just do it!

During this process we are training our mind to achieve anything, but building our determination and strong will. Once we have built this, there is no turning back. Only our mind has limits, but we (the soul) are limitless. Nothing is impossible for us. All we need to train our mind to think beyond the limits, which is our true nature.

If we want to make bigger change in humanity, let others know (start with our close friends and family) our true goal and let them understand. It’s not necessary that others need to be forced to change or follow. Our duty is just to enrich our self and other with true knowledge. It’s up-to them to make their own choices which suits them the best. When many people think positively on the one Higher goal, the positive thought energy accumulated towards it  makes a greater impact which in turn creates the spark of revolution for betterment of humanity. Remember not to make sudden changes in anything. Let the change be gradual. The system should accommodate it without any hitch. Nature never moves by leaps. Like one lamp lights other and spread the brightness around, we need to light our Self and enlighten the world with everlasting love, peace and happiness! 🙂

Aspire, Inspire, Perspire!!!

Author: Ganesh

A soul in the search of eternal peace... "Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace"

15 thoughts on “Be The Change!”

  1. You are right on, but for most of us change is scary and difficult. I, myself have only been able to embrace change in the last decade. What a wonderful reminder of the importance of change. Hugs, Barbara


    1. Thanks Barbara! Completely agree with you. Once our my mind is trained to do it in a particular way its hard to change from there. We need to change slowly, which needs more patience and dedication to unlearn and learn. Thinking to change first is a good starter for us. 🙂


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