No Heaven or Hell?

Recently I read an article from which is very interesting and thought-provoking. I felt its worth sharing with you all. Hope you like it…

No Heaven or Hell?

I just read an article posted by my dear student Christina Brennan. The topic was a proclamation made by the Pope in 2009. Here is what the article said: “…the Pope said, (heaven) is neither abstraction nor a physical place, but a “living and personal relationship with the Holy Trinity,” the Christian understanding of God as one being in three persons of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Hell, he said, is ” the state of those who freely and definitively separate themselves from God, the source of all life and joy.”

My jaw dropped when I read this statement because this is essentially what Brahmarishi Mayan who cognized Vaastu Shastra, Pranava Veda, and Aintiram as well as many other texts said many thousands of years ago (10,500 BC). In this Mayonic (Vaastu) tradition, each of us has a miniscule particle within us called Atman (Soul). This Atman has a vibrating thread of light running vertically through its’ center. (Some traditions refer to it as “Divine Spark”). It is the frequency of that vibrating thread of light that out – pictures as our life. The shape our life takes depends on the qualities or frequency of that thread of light (Brahma Sutra).

Some of us are born in or close to heaven. That is, our Brahma Sutra vibrates with a frequency that is resonant with Divine qualities of spiritual bliss, peace and harmony, hence, we have a direct relationship or resonance with the Divine (we live in a state or near state of heaven). Some of us vibrate with a frequency that is definitively separate from the Divine. There is deep unhappiness, emptiness, and sorrow (hell). Others of us vibrate with a frequency that gives us some happiness yet we have a deep feeling of emptiness or longing (the in between state called by the Pope – purgatory). So heaven, hell, and purgatory are human conditions.

Brahmarishi Mayan knew this also. He cognized the concept that individual frequency could be elevated to Divine level. That is, individuals could raise their frequency to resonate and live in harmony with the Divine. He understood that it takes more than prayer and meditation, good deeds, etc. to raise the frequency of one’s own Brahma Sutra. He understood and developed precise methods for accomplishing this. One method was through specific vibrant architecture (Vaastu) another through specific music (Vaastu). The purity of his knowledge has been lost for hundreds of years.

In fact, not only was this knowledge lost, it was reverse engineered and reduced to superstition. Lay people tried to examine existing Vaastu structures and came to improper conclusions. They also tried to read and interpret ancient texts without having proper understanding of the technical terms. This still goes on today. Ideas such as requiring that the front door of the house face only east and other superstitions arose out of misunderstanding of the ancient knowledge by non-technical people. People have even mis – quoted scientific research to support their false concepts. I could list a hundred misnomers regarding the modern application of this knowledge by various teachers and followers who have no business hijacking and practicing this knowledge without proper training.

We at AUM S&T are very fortunate in that we had an authentic Sthapati (traditional Vaastu architect), Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati, guiding us for many years. So, there are a few of us who are really propagating this knowledge properly. There are architects, Michael Borden in NZ, Krithika Karuppiah and her husband Santhana Krishnan (nephew of Dr. Sthapati), and Dakshinamoorthy (nephew of Sthapati). And, we have a gifted musicologist, Dr. Veerapandian (music scholar bringing out Vaastu or Mayonic music). In addition, our Indian friends have numerous family members who practice this knowledge properly. All of us engage in scholarly research, theoretical thinking and balance it with practical application. We have been blessed.

So, you can see, we have an amazing team of gifted and talented people helping us bring this knowledge forward as a gift to humanity so that we may all be in heaven – living a personal relationship with God, Creative Intelligence, Brahmam, or whatever you wish to call that Divine Force. Maybe the Pope knows more than we think he does?


Author: Ganesh

A soul in the search of eternal peace... "Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace"

8 thoughts on “No Heaven or Hell?”

  1. Dear Ganesh,
    I appreciate your publication of my articles. You are really helping educate people about the real and authentic Vaastu Science rather than the fake information that is out there in the market place. This is such an amazing and important body of knowledge. Furthermore, it goes beyond architecture – it is some of the most profound spiritual knowledge available today. I hope your readers subscribe to our blog – aum light and sound and visit our website.

    Thank you,
    Dr. Jessie Mercay


  2. Respected Dear Dr. Jessie Mercay,
    I am blessed with your visit. Thank so very much for sharing your inputs with all of us. Completely agree with you. True knowledge will reach the determined truth seeker for sure. I will do my best to share the same. Appreciate your great research works. Eagerly looking forward to learn more.

    Sincere student,


  3. The “fly in the ointment” is the term “God” which is a huge source of problems for billions of people – a block to spiritual progress because they are taught to abdicate their responsibilities to this figure. However, if “God” makes them better people there is merit even in this.


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