Thought-Transference or Telepathy

What is the possible medium through which thoughts can travel from one mind to another? The best possible explanation is that mind-substance fills all space like ether and it serves as the vehicle for thoughts, ether is the vehicle for heat, light and electricity, and air is the vehicle for sound. Mind is all-pervading like Sky. Hence, thought-transference is possible. Thought-transference is telepathy.

If we throw a piece of stone in a tank or a pool of water, it will produce a succession of concentric waves traveling all around from the affected place. The light of a candle will similarly give rise to waves of ethereal vibrations traveling in all directions from the candle. In the same manner, when a thought, whether good or evil, crosses the mind of a person, it gives rise to vibrations in the Mind or mental atmosphere, which travel far and wide in all directions.

While electricity travels at the rate of 1,86,000 miles per second, thoughts virtually travel in no time, their speed being as much faster than electricity as their vehicle Mind is finer than ether, the medium of electricity.

Know Your Thoughts

Thoughts are like things. Just as you hand over an orange to your friend and take it back, so also you can give a useful, powerful thought to your friend and take it back also. You must know the right technique to handle and manipulate a thought. The science is very interesting and subtle. You can aid a friend in trouble by sending him thoughts of comfort, a friend in search of Truth by thoughts clear and definite of the truths you know. You can send into the mental atmosphere thoughts which will raise, purify and inspire all who are sensible to them.

If you send out a loving, helpful thought to another man, it leaves your brain, goes directly to that man, raises a similar thought of love in his mind and returns back to you with redoubled force. If you send out a thought of hatred to another man, it hurts that man and hurts you also by returning back to you with redoubled force. Therefore, understand the laws of thought, raise only thoughts of mercy, love and kindness from your mind and be happy always.

Guide Your Thoughts

When you send out a useful thought to help others, it must have a definite, positive purpose and aim. Then only it will bring out the desired effect. Then only that thought will accomplish a definite work.

Just as the flowing river brings joy and coolness to those who live on its banks, so also your strong thoughts of love and peace must flow out as a healing stream to bring solace, peace and glee to those persons whose minds are filled with care, worry, anxiety, tribulation, affliction, etc.

Even some good matured householders entertain some occasional good thoughts and send out into the world some helpful thoughts. This is not sufficient for an aspirant in the path of Truth. A continuous stream of helpful thoughts must gush out from his mind. It must be a perennial, healing stream of loving, helpful thoughts. He must be able to charge groups of twenty persons, masses of hundreds and thousands with love, joy and cheerfulness. He must stir them with a mere glance and a few sweet, powerful words into enthusiasm, high spirits and exalted moods and exhilaration. That is spiritual strength, will-force or soul-power.


Mind – Its Mysteries and Control by Sri Swami Sivananda

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A soul in the search of eternal peace... "Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace"

13 thoughts on “Thought-Transference or Telepathy”

  1. “Thought creates,
    Creation manifests,
    Thought manifests.”
    These three lines encapsulate the answer to any question that may be asked about life as we perceive it.

    The above from “The Milk Is White” etc. and below another extract which may be of interest to readers here:
    The Soul, Thought & Thinking.
    When the Buddha said that there is no such thing as the atman or soul he was correct. The soul is
    merely the sum total of past experiences81 and is, therefore, not an entity in itself; it is merely an “attachment” to the Spirit entity or, figuratively speaking, the “garments” of the Spirit entity. It is these attachments or garments that are shed in the process of enlightenment.
    The Buddha posed the question, “What is it that thinks?” and answered it by saying, “It is thought
    that thinks.”
    The Great Spirit, God, The Creative Force is Thought and we are created in It’s image. Hence, although there is no soul as such, we are Spirit, which is Thought; and as humans we are Thought manifest in human form or Thought manifest “in the flesh” (from the Latin in + carno, with carno meaning flesh.)
    Does the brain think? No, it is only a mechanical organ, a transformer between the soul and the
    physical being, and a device programmed to perform autonomic physical functions. Does the mind think? Yes, if we consider this activity in terms of mental “thinking”, but it is only mental activity which we term thinking. Does the soul think? No, as it is only a bank of experiences. Thus, we arrive at the question “What thinks?” Thinking is not Thought because Thought does not involve activity – it just is, but Thought creates, and one thing it creates is the activity of thinking – it is the origin of thinking but is not, of itself, thinking. If we coined new words such as ment (mental) for ‘think’ or a ‘thought’, and menting (mental activity) for ‘thinking’, we remove the confusion with Thought caused by our use of the words ‘think’ and ‘thinking’.
    PLEASE TELL ME if I am doing the wrong thing by posting extracts like this – the motive is to help!


  2. Thanks Ian for sharing the extract! You are always welcome to post your thoughts. My small suggestion is, if it’s big extract you can share the link which makes easy for all to read. 🙂


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