“I” – The Mental Concept

When we see a mango tree, it is external to us. There is externality. The mango tree is a mental percept. It is a mental concept also. There is no mango tree apart from the mind. We know the existence of the tree through the mind only. There is a mental image in the mind. The image in the mind plus the external something is the mango tree. Even if we close your eyes, we can get at the image through memory.

Our body also is as much external to us as that yonder mango tree. It is also a mental percept or mental concept. The mango tree is external to us with reference to our body only. The mango tree itself is a mere appearance that floats in the Absolute or the One Reality. As the mango tree is external to us from the standpoint of our body, and as the body itself is external to us, the idea of externality of the mango tree or this external universe is blown up now. The term internality also has a false existence only. There is internality only with reference to the externality. If the externality goes away, where is the internality? Both the terms internality and externality are mere illusions, creations of the mind. There is only the solid existence, the One Reality or Absolute behind the so-called internality and externality. That is the Real, Infinite!

Author: Ganesh

A soul in the search of eternal peace... "Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly, Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace"

8 thoughts on ““I” – The Mental Concept”

  1. I just wrote about free will. What is it that you talk about as the ‘i’ that part of the mind that is ‘I’? Does the ‘I’ exist without the brain, or only inside it?


    1. Great! “I” is nothing but our “Ego”. Our Conscious mind has three parts/functions. They are Ego (I), Intellect (Reasoning) and Mind (Final Decision Making). Fourth one is our subconscious mind. These forms the fourfold mind. You can check the Stroke of Insight article to know the brain associated functions. 🙂


        1. Dear friend, yes it actually the soul which controls our subconscious mind which in-turn controls our conscious mind which controls us. All these are immaterial things. I would recommend you start from the beginning of soul and mind posts.


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