inner divinity…


inner divinity...

You don’t have to save your country, your economic system, your house, your stuff, your religion, even your beliefs. You may wish to, but quite honestly these things are not eternal and the light within is where all of your power lies. It is where all if anyone ‘s power lies . That’s what you protect in your children, in yourself, in your spiritually-minded circle of friends.

Through that inner divinity we will determine what is needed on the other side not only for human survival, but for the evolutionary leap that we are undertaking…

~ Ida Lawrence in ‘The Warriors Way to Heaven on Earth’



Spiral GalaxyThe arms of spiral galaxies are roughly logarithmic, as are the bands of tropical cyclones and many biological structures such as shells. These are spirals which make a constant angle with the line connecting any point to the centre. Rays of light emanating from the centre reflect off the spiral and burn the image of a second identical spiral, slightly rotated.

Eternal being…


EternalYou are Eternal, All-pervading Atman in reality. You are Pure Consciousness Itself. Mind is a mere beggar. It borrows its light and intelligence from the Inner Ruler, the Atman that is self-effulgent, just as the iron row borrows its heat and effulgence from fire. Mind is non-intelligent, but appears to be intelligent by borrowing light from Brahman, just as water exposed to the sun borrows heat from the sun.

~ Sri Swami Sivananda

got it?


got it

Once you really begin to get it, intuitively and spiritually, you won’t be able to explain it to others, and you certainly won’t be able to show it to anybody. The very fact that you do attempt to show it to some body or you try to explain it, means that it’s not it. It’s invisible – it’s a silent power. It’s knowing without speaking. It’s acting without requiring confirmation or observers. It’s doing without effort.

~ Stuart Wilde