Choose your reality…


Master your Self

Your old human DNA is transmitting the old reality in every moment that you are unconscious and living in an exterior reality world. The moment you go inward, you change your reality. Every moment you are conscious and shifting to choose from love, you are changing your reality. Your DNA is re-mapping, re-structuring and for every human belief/system you release, refuse to participate in, refuse to believe anymore….every time you refuse to support separation and choose to unify, YOU activate your dormant STAR BEING DNA inside of you. Every time you do this, you are literally restructuring inside at the sub-atomic molecular level. YOU do this, by choice. Your reality OUT THERE is being transmitted from within you. From that which you hold inside. Your connection AS your HIGHER SELF/SELVES activates your own light. Your sleeping allows for integration and merging to occur. Your realities flip/merge as you sleep and when you awake, LOOK for the NEW. You birth this from inside of you. YOU hold all of the power by letting go and honoring all that is sacred inside …. YOU ARE A MASTER HERE…. REMEMBER…..

~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Just witness…


Just watch...

Just go into the room, sit in the centre of the room, open the doors and windows, and see who comes to visit. You will witness all kinds of scenes and actors, all kinds of temptations and stories, everything imaginable. Your only job is to stay in your seat. You will see it all arise and pass, and out of this, wisdom and understanding will come.

~ Ajahn Chah

Remain in peace…


Do not remain in the dualistic state;
avoid such pursuits carefully.
If there is even a trace
of this and that, of right and wrong,
the Mind-essence will be lost in confusion.
Although all dualities come from the One,
do not be attached even to this One.
When the mind exists undisturbed in the Way,
nothing in the world can offend,
and when a thing can no longer offend,
it ceases to exist in the old way.

~ Zen Master Seng-Ts’an, Hsin Hsin Ming

inner divinity…


inner divinity...

You don’t have to save your country, your economic system, your house, your stuff, your religion, even your beliefs. You may wish to, but quite honestly these things are not eternal and the light within is where all of your power lies. It is where all if anyone ‘s power lies . That’s what you protect in your children, in yourself, in your spiritually-minded circle of friends.

Through that inner divinity we will determine what is needed on the other side not only for human survival, but for the evolutionary leap that we are undertaking…

~ Ida Lawrence in ‘The Warriors Way to Heaven on Earth’



Spiral GalaxyThe arms of spiral galaxies are roughly logarithmic, as are the bands of tropical cyclones and many biological structures such as shells. These are spirals which make a constant angle with the line connecting any point to the centre. Rays of light emanating from the centre reflect off the spiral and burn the image of a second identical spiral, slightly rotated.