Live in the eternal Now

I wish to tell all of you something. If you have accepted the spiritual life sincerely, then never think of the future, the so-called outer future. When you think of the outer future — what you are going to do, what you are going to become, what the world will say about you, what you will tell the world — you are placing on your poor human shoulders the weight of ten elephants — not one, but ten elephants. Then what happens, you know. If ten elephants are put on your shoulders, you will immediately be crushed.

Live in the eternal Now, today. Only try to become absolutely devoted to God’s Will and try to please God in God’s own Way. If you want to possess God, you will become a beggar. But if you want to be God’s prince, then allow Him to possess you in His own Way.

Every morning, when the day dawns, only think of that day. Think of how many ways you can make yourself happy, really happy: by doing this and by not doing that; by doing that and by not doing this. By doing and not doing, you have to make your life happy today. Do not think of tomorrow.

I do not think of tomorrow. In my universal and transcendental vision, I know many, many things, countless things, that will happen in the future. But I live in the Eternal Now. Today’s problems, the problems that will come in the next second, can be enough to make an individual insane. In one second I read a personal or important letter and immediately I am inundated with problems. Again, in the inner world also, problems come. If I have to think of you all in ten years — what you will become, what you will do, whether you will become much more spiritual or you will desert your spiritual life, whether you will become a truly unconditional disciple or you will disappear as others have disappeared — if I have to think of all those things, positive and negative, then I will not be able to live on earth even for five minutes.

The way I am going forward is that each second I am trying to offer my blessings, my blessingful light, to humanity, so that this light will illumine humanity. In what you want to do, in what you do not want to do; in what you want to become, in what you do not want to become — your illumination will come from the light that I am offering.

Most of the disciples, if not all, not only here but everywhere, are thinking so much of the future, future, future. There is no such thing as the future. Every second, every minute is the future. But if you think of what is going to happen in ten or fifteen years, if you think, “Let me start accumulating money-power” or “Let me save my earthly possessions,” these thoughts are only elephants that you are inviting to be on your shoulders.

If you have genuine aspiration, then grow at every moment with your aspiration. And inside your aspiration-light, you will see what God wants you to be, what God wants you to be for Him. If you want to live for yourself, you are bound to be frustrated. No matter what you become or what you were or what you are, you are bound to be frustrated. But if you become what God wants you to be, then there is no happiness that can ever be denied you, for God’s infinite Joy and Pride you will then become.

- Sri Chinmoy, Live in the eternal Now 

Every day, a fresh attempt…

On the spiritual path, we know we have covered hundreds of miles, or thousands of miles, or millions of miles, or billions of miles, or even trillions of miles. Some people have covered many, many miles over the years. They have had many, many incarnations. Again, some people in the spiritual life have covered only ten miles, twenty miles, thirty miles or forty miles.

But no matter how many miles we have completed, we have to forget about the distance we have covered over the years on the strength of our prayer and meditation. Every morning we have to make a new attempt, a fresh attempt, to fly a little higher, to dive a little deeper, to go forward a little farther. Whatever our height is, we shall make an absolutely new attempt. Early in the morning, when we look at a flower, we get so much joy. Then in the late afternoon or evening, we may see that the flower has become wilted. But every day we have to feel that a new flower is blossoming.

Early in the morning, while you are the most beautiful flower, the freshest flower, at that time when you pray, absolutely develop your adamantine will power. Feel that it is just you and your inner existence, you and God. There is no outer world, good or bad; no third person with good news or sad news — no! There is only you, and right in front of you is your own Highest, your own Highest.

If it is difficult to imagine your own Highest, my Transcendental picture you can take as your Highest. When I go to the other world, I will be able to say that if I have given to this world one thing, that is my Transcendental picture. Again, quite a few years ago I went beyond that height. I always say that the Supreme Himself is making progress. That idea is unbelievable to the mind. He is infinite, He is eternal and He is immortal. But still, in His Infinity, Eternity and Immortality, He is progressing, progressing. Who am I in comparison?

I always say that imagination is a reality in itself. Now it is veiled, but it will become unveiled in the future. If it is difficult for you to imagine your own Highest, once more I wish to say that my Transcendental picture is enough. Take the Transcendental as your own Highest. The more you can think of my Transcendental as your own Highest, the stronger you will be in your spiritual life. That is your ultimate Goal: to reach that consciousness. Again, if you find it difficult to identify yourself completely with my Transcendental, then think of yourself, where you are right now, and go one step forward, one step upward, one step inward.

Never take spirituality as something old. Our difficulty is that as soon as we take spirituality as an old subject, as soon as we say, “Oh, we have studied it,” our joy goes away. If I say that I have studied English, for example, for forty years, then what more do I have to know? That is the end for me; I will not make any more progress in the English language. But in my case, I do not think that way. Even now, why do I take the trouble to learn a few difficult words? It is because I am an eternal student.

In the spiritual life, it is exactly the same. Every day make a fresh attempt. You know that you have advanced along the spiritual path. For so many years you have made progress. But do not think all the time of what you have achieved. Only be in your Highest. Look at my picture and dive deep within.

While you are looking at my Transcendental picture, either smile from your soul or cry from your heart. These are the two things you can do. If you can feel at that time that you are the soul — not the body, not the vital, not the mind — then smile at the Transcendental. But if you feel that you are the heart, then cry. Cry, cry, cry as soulfully and as helplessly as possible. If you are in the soul, then smile at the Highest, at the Supreme. If you are in the heart, then cry like an infant. These are the two ways to reach the Highest.

- Sri Chinmoy, Live in the eternal Now 

2013 in review

Dear Friends,

Thanks for all your love and support throughout this year. Looking forward to learn more with you… :)

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

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Song of Ego…

My ego needs.
My soul has.
My ego tries.
My soul does.
My ego knows the problem that is.
My soul becomes the answer that is.
I am not alone.
Within my unlit self:
My ego, my naked death.
I am not alone.
Within my snow-white heart:
My soul, and my Spirit’s Flame.

Ego is the thief of thieves. Not to speak of ordinary experiences, even realisations are afraid of this intruder. To feel the absence of ego is as difficult as to see God’s constant presence in oneself. Ego helps bondage grow. Bondage, in return, helps ego flourish or run amuck. Self-pity, self-indulgence and egoistic emotional cries are but one shortcoming with different names.

O small ego, O big ego, don’t worry. Both of you have God’s Compassion at your disposal. As there is no difference between a rill and a river when they run into the sea, neither is there a difference between an ordinary man and an important man when they dive into the Sea of God’s Compassion.

Ego is diversity in unfulfilling action. Surrender is unity in fulfilled action, fulfilled manifestation and fulfilled perfection. Self-advertisement cannot even touch the feet of God-Realisation. God-Realisation cannot lower itself even to touch the head of self-advertisement.To think oneself always great is to believe that toil and skill are unnecessary.

No doubt, man is infinitely superior to a wild beast. But he always drinks two bottles of poison: one bottle is ego and the other is doubt. Until he has done away with these two bottles, man is no more than a higher animal.

The difference between God and man is this: man is the determining I. God is the determined We.

Happy is he who has overcome all selfishness. Blessed is he who sees God emerging from the sea of his ego. The moment we remove the minor of self-flattery from our eyes and hold up before us the minor of Truth, we see a half-animal jumping within and without us.

With your unlit and wild ego do not destroy yourself. Suicide is the worst possible barrier to the goal of self-realisation. If you destroy yourself, instead of starting your next life where you have left off in this one, you will have to go back to a much earlier point. There is one defeat that brings us a greater triumph than even victory does. What is that defeat? The defeat of our ego by our soul.

- Sri Chinmoy, Eastern Light For The Western Mind